Avilla Sidewalk Replacement Program

Dear Avilla Property Owner,

The Town Council is continuing a sidewalk replacement program this spring. At this time we are only able to assist those volunteering for the program. At a future time, we hope to have a more aggressive program. We will be requesting proposals from contractors to obtain the lowest possible price.

Preference will be given to those property owners west of Main Street and those on heavily traveled routes to school, also to those groups of neighbors who do several properties in a row at the same time. Anyone within the Town of Avilla is eligible and encouraged to participate in this program.

This program will make available to you a loan from the Town’s General Improvement Fund at two percent (2%) interest for a period of three (3) years or four (4%) interest for a period of five (5) years. The following options are available to you for the construction and payment of your sidewalk.

  1. You may use the Town approved sidewalk contractor and pay the Town in full or obtain a loan from the General Improvement Fund. (All paperwork is arranged through the Clerk-Treasurer’s office.)
  2. You may hire your own contractor and pay them directly. However, if you wish to obtain a loan from the General Improvement Fund, you must first receive approval from the Clerk-Treasurer’s office.
  3. You may complete the work yourself according to the Town’s standards. You may obtain a Town loan for the purchase of materials only.

Please contact the Clerk-Treasurer’s office for more information at 897-2781.

Bill Ley
Town Manager