How The General Improvement Fund Works

May 4, 2017

How the General Improvement Fund Works

The Town of Avilla will provide a loan, if funds are available, to property owners to replace any portion of the pedestrian sidewalk and any driveway approach located between the sidewalk and the street for either three (3) years at two percent (2%) interest or five (5) years at four percent (4%) interest.  Forms estimating the cost, based on the Town’s bid, will need to be completed in the Town Manager’s office before any work can be scheduled.

As scheduled, the Town contractor will remove any marked concrete sections, set forms, pour concrete, remove the forms after curing, saw cut for contraction joints, and fill in along the sides with soil, seed, and straw.

After the work is completed the Town Manager will verify the actual amount of concrete placed and forward those figures to the Clerk-Treasurer’s office.

As soon as the invoice is received and paid to the Town’s contractor, the Clerk-Treasurer’s office will send you an “Improvement Assessment” form reflecting the total cost, along with a “Waiver of Property Owner” form. You will need to indicate whether or not you want to finance the project for three (3) years at two percent (2%) interest or five (5) years at four percent (4%) interest. The “Waiver of Property Owner” form needs to be signed and returned within thirty (30) days, otherwise, the total assessment becomes due and payable immediately.

One year after the completion of the project you will receive your first invoice for either one-third (1/3) or one-fifth (1/5) of the cost-plus either two (2%) or four (4%) interest. You will receive your invoice one month in advance.

The fund cannot be used for concrete work completed on your private property, for any headwalls, or for any private walks located between the sidewalk and the street. You can however have work done at Towns bid prices and pay the contractor direct, provided they agree.

Should you have any questions regarding construction please contact the Town Manager at 897-2781.  Any questions regarding financing through the General Improvement Fund should be directed to the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at 897-2781 or the Town Manager.


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