September 6: Subdivision Plat Approval Hearing

July 26, 2023


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE AVILLA PLAN COMMISSION will meet at Avilla Town Hall, 108 S. Main Street, Avilla, Indiana at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, September 6, 2023 to hold a public hearing on an application for Subdivision Plat Approval.

Avind, LLC has applied for a one (1) lot subdivision from a 55.02 acre tract in the Avilla East Industrial Park along Eagle Drive in the Town of Avila, Noble County. Virtue Station Minor Subdivision is described as follows:

That part of the Northwest Quarter of Section 36, Township 34 North, Range 11 East, Allen Civil Township, Noble County, Indiana, described as: Commencing at the Northwest Corner of said Northwest Quarter of said Section 36, said point being marked by a found disturbed Harrison monument: thence South 00 degrees 52’ 14”East of the West line of the Northwest Quarter of  aid Section 36 a distance of 626.16 feet to the South line of Lot 1, McLaughlin Subdivision, an addition the Noble County, Indiana, according to the Plat thereof, recorded as Instrument No. 190400166 in the office of the Recorder of Noble County, Indiana and marked by a found PK Nail with Washer “Weber 20800107”: thence South 57 Degrees 16’ 31” East on Said South Lot Line 210.38 feet to a Point in the Van Gorder Ditch (no point set): thence South 60 Degrees 19’ 27” East on said South lot line 99.12 feet to a point in the Van Gorder Ditch (no point set); Thence South 66 Degrees 07’ 20” East on said South Lot line 170.11 feet to a point in the Van Gorder Ditch (no point set); Thence South 66 Degrees 48’ 47” East on said South Lot Line46.15 feet to the Point of Beginning of the land herein described in the Van Gorder Ditch (no point set); thence North 00 Degrees 52’ 13” West on the East Line of said Lot 1 a distance of 375.03 feet to a found 5/8” Iron Bar Bent: thence South 89 Degrees 54’ 06” East on the South Right of Way line of Eagle Drive 592.40 feet to a set 5/8” Iron bar with Cap ID stamped “0145”; thence South 10 Degrees 41’ 01” West 53240 feet to a set 5/8” Iron with cap ID stamped “0145”; thence North 72 Degrees 59’ 59” West 510.30 feet to the :Point of Beginning. Containing 5.65 Acres, more or less.

The petition for said subdivision is on file at Avilla Town Hall, 108 S. Main Street, Avilla, Indiana. Interested persons desiring to present their views on the proposed subdivision, either in writing or in person, will be given the opportunity to be heard at the above-mentioned time and place.

Avilla Plan Commission
William Ley, Plan Commission President

Last modified: July 26, 2023

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