Mediacom Is Coming To Avilla

August 18, 2017

Dawn Kelly, Our Hometown News – August 8, 2017

Mediacom Communications, the fifth largest cable operator in the U.S., is coming to Avilla. With its fiber optic infrastructure that delivers a wide range of advanced quality products and services, such as digital cable TV, high-speed internet, phone service and home security and automation to households and businesses, Mediacom offers something for everyone.

In July, Avilla’s Town Council reviewed and signed the Mediacom Pole Attachment License Agreement, that allows Mediacom Communications to begin installation of fiber optic cables in the area. According to Bill Ley, Avilla Town Manager, all required fiber optics should be installed around Thanksgiving of this year.

You may have (or soon will be) receiving a packet from Mediacom in the mail about their services, products and offers. This October, there will be an open house held to answer your questions. At that time, you may also sign-up to become a customer. Mediacom will keep in contact with you by mail to let you know more details as they develop, about the meeting.

Utilities are currently being flagged so that the fiber optic lines can be installed.

If you have any questions about Mediacom Communications and its services, contact them at 800-479-2082.



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