Avilla In-Town Spring Clean-Up

March 17, 2023

Saturday, June 10, 2023, is the annual Avilla in-town spring clean-up.

Please be advised of the following fees and items that are and are not accepted for pick-up.

Electronics: $12.00 per item
TV’s over 30 inches measure diagonally: $30.00.
Stock passenger car and truck tires: $10
Oversize tires: $15.00
Tractor tires: $50.00
Car batteries: $5.00
Appliances under Stove size: $20
Appliances stove and larger: $40 per item
Refrigerant-containing appliances will not be accepted unless tagged that the freon has been removed.
Paint: $2.00 per container gallon or less
Paint: $5.00 per container greater than a gallon

Unacceptable items
• Concrete, stones, rocks, or bricks
• Yard Waste (ie: grass clippings, tree limbs)
• Liquid waste (ie: cooking oil – car oil)
• Hazardous materials

Last modified: March 18, 2023

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The Town of Avilla Indiana
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