Notice Of Executive Session

Notice is hereby given that the Avilla Town Council will meet in Executive Session at 6:30 pm on the Tuesday, the 19th day of February, 2019 at the Avilla Town Hall, 108 South Main Street, Avilla, Indiana to discuss:

  1. Pursuant to IC 5-14-1.5-6.1(b)9 to discuss a job performance evaluation of individual employees.

Avilla Town Council
Paul Shepherd
William Krock, Jr.
Philip Puckett, Jr.

Sewer Ordinance Prohibits “Flushable Wipes”

The flushing of products labeled as “flushable wipes” is in violation of the town of Avilla’s Sewer Use Ordinance, and residents of the town of Avilla are prohibited from the flushing of such products.

Residents found in violation of the Sewer Use Ordinance may be subjected to a fine of $200.00 per month, and continued violations may result in a sewage rate increase for all residents.

As a result of failure to follow the town of Avilla’s current ordinances the town has seen an increase in repair, replacement, and downtime of various sewage equipment. In an effort to reduce cost and minimize the financial burden on all Avilla residents, the town is actively investigating and enforcing ordinances related to flushing any products and items that can be reasonably expected to damage the system.

The town will also be working with the local elementary schools to implement an education initiative regarding proper and improper toilet and sewage use. Any questions regarding these topics should be forwarded to Brian Carroll.